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Computer synesthesia?

I just realised something: when I have copied text to paste elsewhere (as I do tens of times every day) I experience the fact that I ‘have’ text as a physical sensation, like I’m actually holding on to an object, which I then release by pasting. Given how much and how regularly I use a […]

Jabberwocky in German

Following up on my previous post about recitals of Jabberwocky, here’s my friend Muriel (of Dating blog ‘I Wish There Were A Manual For Life’) reciting in her native German: Der Jammerwoch: German text, English text

On how things can work out pretty well sometimes

“OMG SO MANY GREAT BANDS!”   I somehow stumbled across the existence of No Direction Home Festival about a week before the gates opened, fell in love with the lineup (Rachael Dadd, Wave Pictures, Laish, Veronica Falls) and felt the familiar craving to be out in a field in beautiful sunny surroundings with a pint of cider […]

Why we won’t be doing any (triple-step) swingouts in the Fast and Furious at LJC 2012 (and why that’s awesome)

I’m entering a bunch of divisions in the London Jitterbug Championships (LJC) this weekend, amongst them the Fast and Furious – danced to songs of 250bpm upwards. A couple of people have asked if me and my awesome partner F are going to be doing swingouts in that division. Now I can swing out comfortably at maybe […]

Caching with Varnish on Heroku (Rails)

I’ve had a bit of trouble understanding how to get Heroku to cache pages from Swing Out London, so here’s my explanation – hopefully it’ll help someone. The TL:DR Varnish Caching on Heroku IS as simple as the docs state but because Heroku has multiple Varnish servers, any given request is unlikely to return a […]

Analysis of Spotlight entrances – ILHC Champions Strictly Final 2010

I’m entering a few divisions at the London Jitterbug Championships in May, and one of the things I really need to work on is getting on and getting off in a Ninja fashion. To that end I’ve been watching some big international competition clips trying to work out what’s what. In this post, I analyse the […]

Jabberwocky Recited

UPDATE: Jabberwocky in German UPDATE: My own recital – a bit panto Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll is one of my favourite poems. Widely regarded as the greatest nonsense poem ever written, it has stuck in my head from an early age and I love reciting and performing it. This evening I’ve found a number of […]

Lessons learned from Lindy Shock

I’ve got back from the excellent Lindy Shock swing dance camp in Budapest on Wednesday, feeling exhausted but with some serious new dance technology under my belt.   On the flight back I reflected on how my experience was affected both by how I prepared and how I approached things while I was there. I’ve […]

Formative Tunes

This post is all about songs and bands which other people have introduced me to which have deeply affected me and shaped my musical taste (my Heart Songs if you will). I’m exceptionally grateful for all the people who have shared music which makes my life better. Note: If you’re not on the list, it doesn’t mean […]

Vintage at the South Bank – a guide for Lindyhoppers

This weekend Wayne Hemmingway’s Vintage festival comes to the South Bank Centre as part of the 60 year anniversary celebrations for the Festival of Britain. It’s a celebration of all things vintage from the 1940’s through to the 1980s and although it had its teething troubles, it did get some positive feedback from vintage lovers […]